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Please be advised that BRP has decided not to renew our annual contract for Ski Doo. This will mean that we will not be able to supply new sleds directly to you if you want to order a spring break unit. We are still here to service your sled and supply parts as we have in the past.

Please contact us with concerns or questions and we can advise you on where and how you can order a new Ski Doo sled.

All other aspects of Blue Sky Marine will not be affected by the decision made by BRP.
BRP has decided to stream line their dealer network by only having full line dealers in their system.

The staff at Blue Sky Marine understand that this decision will make owning your Ski Doo snowmobile less convenient but we will strive to make your Ski Doo experience as good as it always has been in the past.

Please remember that the staff at Blue Sky Marine has not changed. Only the logistics of servicing your needs regarding Ski Doo has. We hope that you will not notice any change in our service department due to this on going strategy BRP has taken.
If you feel you want to express your concerns to BRP Ski Doo please do not hesitate to call their customer service line.
Thanks again for all your support in the past and we look forward to working with you in the future.


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